If you are searching for the ultimate shipping service in the United States, get in touch with us today.

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Lease and Finance

Superior Overnight Services is one of the best companies in Chicagoland to offer leasing of trucks and trailers.

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We are always on the lookout for experienced team members to meet the needs of our customers.

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Always The Best Price

At Superior Overnight we will offer you the safest, most efficient, and reliable shipping experience.

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Years Of Experience

At Superior Overnight Services we have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

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About Us

While Superior Overnight Services began operations in 2009, our owners actually have over 20 years of experience in the field. They began as truck drivers and quickly learned what did and didn't work in the world of trucking and shipping. Once they had gained enough experience on their own, they decided it was time to open up a shipping business of their own. Yet they wanted to make sure that they empowered their drivers and gave their clients the best deals possible on their shipping needs.

Because of their 20+ years of experience, our owners became aware of many challenges that drivers face on a day-to-day basis. Those challenges were adapted for and new policies were created to protect the driver, load, and ensure that our clients still receive the quality service that they deserve. As a result, Superior Overnight Services had a successful decade of helping clients receive their shipments. We also help drivers and owner-operators finding their financial freedom by working with us.

One aspect that was important to our company was making sure we are always using the latest equipment and technology. Shipping isn't as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of coordinating and physical labor to see it all the way through. To make this process easier on our drivers and streamline the process to make it cheaper for our clients, we've invested in the latest driving technology and shipping procedures.

This has enabled us to give our clients the best service in the Chicagoland, Wisconsin, and Indiana area as well as throughout the entire country.

We also knew how important dispatch was. Few companies can offer the quick dispatch times that we do. When a client calls us and puts in an order, we can offer a dispatch in under 24 hours. Your customers expect fast delivery and service. To ensure you can keep up with their demands, you need a company like ours that can quickly dispatch their driver to your location.

The faster that the dispatch is, the sooner your order can arrive at your store or warehouse. Our 24-hour dispatch ensures that no matter what time of day it is when you place an order, you can expect a driver to shortly be on their way to you. This enables you to get that product on the floor of your business and bringing in higher profits from your customers.

Besides our 24-hour dispatch, we also emphasized the need to hire high-quality drivers who are passionate about their job. They're the face of our company.

We empower our drivers by giving them competitive pay, support on the road, and even offer unique business opportunities for them to start their own businesses and find the same kind of success that we have.

By empowering our employees, you'll find that they're eager to satisfy your needs and ensure you receive a high-quality experience. Integrity is important to them as well as our company.

With several different service options and an emphasis on custom service, our company strives to be the best shipping and transport company in the country.

For More Information, Please Call:  (630) 422-1190